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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Patheticaly wrong - into my weakness.

Have you ever reviewed the sins in truth mirror. How weak I'm and so pathetic , how ugly , empty of good things.
Atracted by material things, carried away by river stream (small little passions) Look what i found on google about passions

The passions are said to dominate whenever an individual is motivated by the desire to have pleasurable experiences. The Apostle Paul would say that such an individual is carnally minded and that he's living according to the flesh. Passions include: Love/Hatred, Desire/Aversion, Joy/Sorrow, Hope/Despair, Fear/Courage, Envy/Lust/Anger. Neither good, nor evil in themselves because (in general) they are independent of reason and will, and are the movements of the sense appetites.

Now it make more sense about why i feeling Sorrow, Despair , Anger after broke up her , She waked up fountain of desire then motivate me for "pleasurable experiences"
(Yah my weakness). Wild desire doesn't dies so soon as hoped ...

After reading platon's dialogs inspired me on new vision : what we should look in our life is not the love but the good.Maybe my sufferance is caused by lack of good , have to find a way to it.
Steps in finding love/good in other people : you need love them even if they hurt us physically or into our soul , finding ways of seeing them as they are inside (pure as child's).

Back to soul problem (reading plato's Fedon dialog): philosopher way is preparing for death , beating desires in a few words "passing trough"

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