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Monday, July 12, 2004

We live on freedom street v0.1

Here is one song (lyrics) inspired by Doors - "Love street.."
Maybe one day will sing it on my guitar :)

She lives on Freedom street
Lovers under the moon kissing

We live on freedom street
Got an angel with wet feet

Big moon watching our shadows
Feel Something is here under trees

Smooth Wind going trough she's hair
I met her on Dream street

[metal style]
Tra La La La La La
Tra La La La La La

We live on freedom stret
One day angel is gone
I met her on dream street
Moon's shy after smooth clouds

No stars outhere in freedom street
Lover's still kissing make's me angry
Foul i'm ,loonly in night

[metal style heavy:)]

Tra La La La La La
Tra La La La La La


I live loonly on freedom street
Only feel my wet feets
can't belive i'm just stranger
going slowly to love street

I was obsessed by my street name for about an year

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