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Thursday, April 17, 2008

flash sucks , now with pulse audio deadlock
from today hardy updates

fix "frequent crashes with flash on youtube"; we fix this by
demoting libflashsupport from depends: to suggests: (LP: #192888)
This has positive as well as negative consequences:
(+) increased stability for firefox and nspluginwrapper
(-) pulseaudio users reported that this breaks sound if flash
while other applications are running that use the sound
device for output.

This is actually not a bug in our Pulse Plugin, but a major fuckup in Flash. See #267.

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Anonymous said...

Yea I hate how that is how I have to close Firefox to listen to Rhythmbox, or vice versa. And thats on default install. I didn't even do the fix. Im on 32 bit... But I tried Ubuntu 8.04 X64 and didn't have that problem. It worked fine. But I had to stick with 32 bit for some programs :( Flash needs to address this problem!