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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kompozer in the list of dead projects on ??

by the way we are waiting for the dreamweaver replacemeent written in the zul or javascript and powered by xulrunner , it is definitely possible to write such an beast , take a look at firebug
or webdeveloper extension

Finally, I am not sure what to think of the WYSIWYG Web editor KompoZer. It has not made a release since 0.7.10 in September, and although some later posts to the KompoZer forum indicated that the developers were working on a 0.8 release, there hasn't been much news from them in 2008. If KompoZer does turn out to be OK, it would still leave open the mystery surrounding a related WYSIWYG editor with a shared history. As I described it in my October review, KompoZer is descended from Nvu, which was abandoned by its original author Daniel Glazman. After he stopped Nvu development, Glazman announced that he was working on a XULRunner-based replacement, but no code has appeared.

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