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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why git ? , and start replacing your svn repository

Start using git-svn and mirror the svn repository with all it's history
then if you feel safe you can work directly on it and push to svn when an release is needed

Many projects are using git as their main DVCS
ROR, QT,Linux Kernel, Samba , Free Desktop , VLC, Google Android

Also there is an windows version , I have tested the msysGit

Git on MSYS is already used in production environments. It comes in an installer package, supports Git command-line usage (both Git-Bash and Windows Command-line) and Git-GUI/Gitk and also has basic Explorer integration

For Eclipse there is an git plugin , but we have to test it (i used git only from the commandline )

ps: here is an git book for learning

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