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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Experimental fastcgi process manager code tests

Benchmark on a 256mb xen vps:
apache2+mod_php+xcache = 42 req/sec
nginx+xcache+php-fpm = 150 req/sec

NginX and PHP will be compiled from Source as these are softwares with a very fast development, and pre-compiled packages are often prehistoric and are not suitable to apply custom patches (like php-Fpm).

Another article with fastcgi load balancing

To configure Nginx to load balance multiple FastCgi servers use this type of configuration

And the last line said something about php-fpm - it's first time i heard about it

If you’re using spawn-fcgi from lighttpd consider replacing it with php-fpm.
[ED: i will do it soon and got a new acronym derived from the LEMP stack

FLEPS stack (Firebird ,Linux, EngineX,PHP,SSH/SSL)]

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