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Monday, September 29, 2008

Firebird Conference 2008

I think is the best conference I have ever atended and with people from various contries , Some of them
From Japan , Brazil , South Africa , France, Russia , Holland, Germany and even Dominican Republic. I didn't listed all of the contries but you can get the picture about the diversity.

From another presentation i found that Foundation needs more money and sponsors because they need to pay the core developers and driver developers (like python, jdbc, .net ,php ...) and they don't need to do other things like support or working as an secondary job .
So the best way if you are using firebird or if you want to help this open source project is to donate Development Time and Money to the project

And is quite easy to do , just join and to donate and become an sponsor

Another way to help is to write documentation or doing translations for main documents

In the conference I have seen some presentations about Firebird internals and with an very good roadmap
You might know that Firebird 2.5 is the most stable release EVER (Dimitry Yemanov words) because it ran many more tests in QA team and SAS institute got some threading tests passed and that didn't happened before with 2.1 or other versions.
From Japanese Team i found that they tried firebird classic 1.5.2 on an 32 core sun machine and Firebird was the fastest
in select tests against Postgresql or mysql , of course that is an ancient version and i'm curious about some 2.5 tests on that machine , also they tested 32 bit version , So i think 2.5 Super Classic would crush them even more
in Select tests , we have to see .
Dimitry Yemanov talked about 2.5 , and the future 3.0 and is quite interesting that with Firebird Super Classic 2.5 the power of multicore and threads is unleashed for super server arhitecture so if you want speed you need to use Super Classic , If you want to be Safe and quite fast then use Classic model where each tread is in fact an process but it useses a lot of System resources but if one process is killed the others are isolated from that crash and they keep going

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