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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two items to discuss from the ubuntu weekley news

First Mark and Firefox team made a big mistake with firefox EULA , so these tactics will not work in the open source world , behind doors agreements and other weird stuff with the codecs,
I wish Mark had the power to remove firefox from the distro , now that what i call to vote with your pocket.

Shuttleworth defends Firefox licence in Ubuntu - In response to some of the criticism that's been going around about the EULA for Firefox, Mark Shuttleworth wrote, "Mozilla Corporation asked that this be added in order for us to continue to call the browser 'Firefox'." Stating that since Firefox is their trademark, which we intend to respect, we have the choice of working with Mozilla to meet their requirements or switching to an unbranded browser. Shuttleworth added that a package called "abrowser" was being developed in Intrepid Ibex which uses Firefox's code base without the Firefox trademark.,1000000121,39488217,00.htm?r=1

I guess the codecs will become messier in ubuntu , All i want is to play the movies for free
and not to pay stupid taxes , I guess he could fight for the right of free codecs
maybe an law in usa or remove software patents , that is the root of evil .

Is Ubuntu about to become yet another restrictive commercial OS? - The author of DC: Infowarrior and Xubuntuphile is contesting the selling of licenses to popular multimedia codecs. The concern voiced on his site is that these commercial, proprietary codecs would eventually be rolled into the actual release instead of the open source software that accomplishes the same goals. He quotes an article by Kristin Shoemaker and one by Gerry Carr, the Marketing Manager at Canonical.

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