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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Compiling mysql 5.1.x on ubuntu + example storage engine notes

I started to install mysql in the /opt/mysql5.x using the source and an simple ./configure --prefix=/opt/mysql5.x

Here are my compile notes for 5.0.x but you can use it as guide for 5.x to (just replace the numbers)

Next if all ok and you can connect to local port 3308 and example storage seems to disabled by default if you run show engines in mysql prompt.

What we do now is to enable it
mysql> INSTALL PLUGIN example SONAME '';

mysql> show engines\G

show engines\G;
*************************** 1. row ***************************
Support: YES
Comment: Example storage engine


INSERT INTO test VALUES(1),(2),(3);

Here are more notes on how to use this example engine

Our next step is to modify the storage engine to work with firebird
I will use in my case the ibpp c++ api for firebird (is used in flamerobin and is absolutely stable and can be used with UTF too)
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