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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

microsoft smells like an graveyard
i went to an java script presentation in mit campus nearby
and the big shock and horror was the new firebug clone and separated processes like in chrome
no wonder jobs told them "microsoft start your xeroxes"
at least if they want to copy they should copy paste the code so ie 8.x can pass that dreadful
acid3 test
even my pesky arora-browser passes the acid test 100%
thank you nokia for qt , thank you google for chrome and open chrome , thank you apple for iiii webkit
thank you mozilla for the excellent firebug and extensions engine (i still hate rdf and xul by the way)
Microsoft doesn't care about standards you and me or about security , the only thing that matters are
the cash cows that are now dying : windows and office
the rest is history
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