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Thursday, April 09, 2009

twittrolution (aka Moldova twitter revolution 2.0 )
Television is dead and it doesn't work for informing the people , it's more like an goverment tool in Moldova , Romania had the same fate before '89 revolution

Today I had got the analogy related to floss fight against monopoly and the red wing world institution called Microsoft (software company relique from '80)

Look at Ubuntu they have to fight the same F.U.D war and pr sharks like the Ghandi 2.0 type revolution that happens in Moldova

It's amazing if you go in states that is US of America and at Best Buy shop you only can shop for Windows operating systems and that is called Choice in the Country of Freedom

The same i invite you to the dell store and try to buy an dell vostro with hard drive and choose Ubuntu ... If you can .. well you cann't, Also search on for an decent netbook with hard drive (hint 120-160G) well all is with xp and only the low end maybe it is with ubtnubu or other version of linux

That is why all your machines are with windows , if you want an decent configuration you must choose or you are served with vista or worse ...

That is amazing ubuntu still after that injust fight got something like 30% of netbook marked world wide

Think of what would happen if you had the choice on Dell website to choose between Ubuntu and *BSD or Macosx

So this is what we have Monopoly = Communims = Microsoft = Iexplorer = Viruses
Free Maket = Democracy = Ubuntu , FreeBSD , OsX ..=Firefox, WebKit = Stuff that works

Ubuntu revolution is on twitter and also on forums blogs and youtube

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