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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

18 Years ago Linus started the Revolution

Do you Remember 18 years ago when Linux was conceived? , and look now the biggest threat to Microsoft. Finally it has grown up! I just can wisper some words to them : Ubuntu , Android , Netbooks (yah they defeated us on that one) , Nokia Maemo , PalmOS ... Ohh and i forgot Google . I still can read and run the assemmbler/C code from linux 0.0.1 and the starting point code was good in the sense that it worked and it was inspired by good concepts from Unix , Of course linux is not unix is something else alive and with good future.It's funny to read the comments about the portability and that it works only on his 386/harddrive , Look now i have an Android phone with Linux on and i'm free to modify it and do whatever is in my mind no one stops, try that with Iphone or windows CE devies . It's all about the freedom to hack (in good sense) and give back
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