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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Crazy Fishy Pasta - The Road to Hell

Inspired by the song The Road to Hell here is one kind of recipe for pasta

What you need :
-one onion
-some garlic
-2x fish cans (I have some RioMare PerPasta all'Arrabbiata that contains already a lot of paprika )
-one pack of spaghetti barilla
-dolmio or any tomato sauce would do
I brought double tomato paste made in Italy (made of real tomatoes not some fake shit that you can find in Romanian shops) also i have some sauce with some olives (Made by Baneasa again in Italy!)
and yes more
This is the road to hell after all

The mixing and the process

First you need to chop the onion and garlic and put it the pot with some olive oil for a few minutes. Then put the tomatoes sauce in the pot and stir Put the fish from cans over and stir until it does have some nice color for about 5 minutes . At this point you can season the food with the condiments from above and others. And you can put the pasta in the same pot and mix it after it was boiled and washed or you can put the above mix on top of pasta when you serve it in
the dish.

To make things more interesting i have added for diversity some Sage , Cinnamon, All spice

For wine i have some Tokay and i think i need a beer (Siva Black edition) to wash my mouth burns
Tomorrow i will see if it burns twice yes I love Paprika :P and Chili and you can't eat it without thinking what will happen in second day

I will get out with my bike after this meal just to burn the calories and oxygenate my brains
For music I recommend for this food
Cris Rea - Road to hell
Dire Straits :Money for Nothing and Sultans of Swing
And this should work too AC/DC Highway to Hell
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