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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giant ants and old Metallica cassettes [no killer pandas today]

We went to Sanisor near Targu-Mures to cook some debrecen hot dogs (hot spicy ones) in open wild fire
and we saw one huge [pictures will follow soon] colony of huge ants
and we could hear the noise of the ants moving and it was scary , Life sometimes can
be unexpected and show you that you are small in the great ecosystem ,
I felt like a small creepy creature , unwanted and without vital force .
Can you imagine that we are so small in the great plans , i felt without any will and lost in some grand scheme.
Yes it was fun but painful for me in some sense without a stable girlfriend for the moment , but in other ways i felt great i found there is other beautiful plans and there is inner wild child with no reserves . I climbed a huge tree for the first time in many years and Yes it felt good : i like climbing trees and to be wild beyond imagination only a few can sense this part of myself.
I'm not the good child i'm the wild one that can move in ways unexpected and i'm not going where you are going , I have my own path that doesn't resemble the path of anyone else on earth . The truth is i don't know who I am but i don't care and i don't want to find my definition because that is my tomb's motto and you don't want it to know it yet.
Is good to find the inner child , the one that cares about fun life and everything
After the fire and Sanisor we went home and i was falling asleep in the car maybe because i Found myself in the inner mist . After Ecstasy of fire and sleep i went outside in the town
Maybe it wasn't time for vhrpub and heavy rock and roll but i went to G-coffee/G-point and i have met one of old Friends from Targu-Mures and we drank a few beers there and after that we went to his home . The strange thing is he had to give his laptop to his sister and we had to listen to Cassettes yes the analog ones and It felt great to listen to Metallica's Master of Pupets album in the old format and sound with noises . And one of the songs were Orion and and that night it impressed me much because i could understand it .That was one of the greatest days/nights of my Life and it was great in many ways , sometimes is good to take a wrong path to reach to the Good friends and good Love , sometimes God plays you tricks and takes you out of your house and shows you that You are not Alone and good Love is Everywhere in diverse forms and shapes.

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