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Monday, July 26, 2010

Firebird legacy : stable core and api

What most of the people want these days from a RDBMS is a stable core and stable api

When i was at Firebird conference one of the people shocked me because he told me his is happy
with firebird on a single machine , these days we admins see the number of servers increasing from 10 to hundreds and then thousands so they are not big numbers for us but when i see a simple machine i'm shocked :all in only one machine ? yes the majority of Firebird ursers are simple developers and only the niche needs 10.000 machines : yah big shock ;)
but that doesn't mean we should stop at only one machine or at thousands
the big jump is from one machine to 2 or 4 the rest is simple

That was about my rant about the stable core and simple stupid machines and this is what perl community found it too:

Most of the feedback I get from companies is that they want existing
things to just work, including core and CPAN modules. Most places I
visit aren't using most of the Perl features available to them, so new
features aren't very interesting, especially when they are stuck on
older versions of perl anyway.

the rant about the stable api is that firebird api is set in stone and doesn't change much with years, there are some quirks but is like posix there to stay forever : with bugs and all the animals
Here what firebird/interbase revolution did to the world: stable api for perl aka dbi
If you use perl and mysql/oracle you should thank to firebird/interbase first

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