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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hungary rejects IMF and maybe is a good idea

In Hungary they did it right and rejected the economy control

Here is what happened in Romania : we have now new increased VAT taxes and we do "enjoy" the IMF control
over our economy : we are totally fucked up ,the price for beer and cigarettes is increased and now everyone is looking on how to cut all the expenses ,no one is buying like before and the result : frozen and survival type economy , nobody borrows money from banks because the loans rates are increasing
...and so on

Mugur Isarescu (BNR chief) opposed the TVA increasing measure and i think we should rise a statue for him and he knows a thing or two about the Romanian economy

and yes the government cut wrong budgets and usually from weak economic zones : health, education ...etc
but continuing spending money on Microsoft licences (Siveco) and buying expensive cars like before (I want to see one one minister on bicycle, just once just one time , seriously)

ps:now they realized that VAT increases did a horrible thing for economy and all they see is how to cut expenses in short term but not aware with long term results
and all in the name of next elections

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