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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Building quake 2 for android

I followed the instructions from
What i didn't had on my machine is ant
I downloaded from apache and bunziped in

so the last step was
/opt/apache-ant-1.8.1/bin/ant debug
started the qemu from eclipse and one machine with android

then i have installed with
adb install bin/Quake2-debug.apk

start the application then click menu button -> tools and
then download

a better idea is to download the data from somewhere else and upload it to emulator
if you don't want to build it here are the instructions to use the generic app
Download didn't finished in ~1h
Seems that i need to download it manually

adb shell mkdir /sdcard/baseq2
unzip -j q2-314-demo-x86.exe Install/Data/baseq2/pak0.pak
Archive:  /home/mariuz/Downloads/q2-314-demo-x86.exe
  inflating: pak0.pak
adb push pak0.pak /sdcard/baseq2
...wait a few hours drink some water ...curse the java systems because they are crap and slow
come back and check the status until it reaches 48M
adb shell ls -l /sdcard/baseq2/pak0.pak

Then start the game :) 5fps in emulator (rockets slideshow)

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