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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Wolfenstein Qt. Qt widgets in a 3D environment - Update 2010

3D linux desktop is here
in 2008 there was a demo but it was quite hard to compile it

well now the compilation works smooth without the need for a qt snapshot
all you need it some qt 4.6.x headers that come by default in ubuntu and debian
I will spare you about the details and some opengl ones

something like
git clone git://
search for headers needed in the ubuntu/debian repository (I will write an article about what is needed later)


the results are impressive :the video player works , the browser does work with some issues (flash related) but the engine is impressive i wonder why the fonts are smoother than in the xorg browser , maybe the AA from opengl helps ...There is still a lot of work
and what i miss mostly is a quake style terminal and a cool desktop like hud but that will come later

Here is video that can be played in vlc/mplayer

youtube didn't converted my video correctly
and vimeo gives some errors

God this is why we need html5 for interweb , simple ogv upload and share

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