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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Android x86 and grub2 - peace at last

I found a way to add android to the grub2 menu from debian on my eeepc laptop and on my debian/ubuntu workstations
Thanks for this page I have downloaded the latest nightly for
downloaded and created a usb disk
dd if=eeepc-20110505_usb.img of=/dev/sdb
or if you use generic
dd if=eeepc-20110505_usb.img of=/dev/sdb
booted installed (without the grub installation option)
added android to the grub2 menu (debian sid, it should work on natty
too) and all worked without issues after that 

for me the system dir was /android-2011-02-xx and the
or if you run a genric pc
please verify your dirs and mount your android partition to check the
dir name before running update-grub
mount /dev/sdb4 /mnt
ls /mnt/
android-2011-02-20  lost+found
Here is the full custom grub

And don't forget to update the grub2 config

ps: now i should create a fake sdcard so applications can be installed
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