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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The revenge of the RISC - Arm Killing the Wintel Legacy

You know Microsoft learned the hard way a little lesson of history
They had nt ported on diverse cpus : Alpha , Mips , and x86(32 bits) after that
they went full duopoly with Intel (do you remember the Wintel motto) and killed Alpha (the cpu and the port) , Mips support
Mips in a way is too close to arm architecture
in fact i wonder why it didn't displaced Arm ?

Otellini compared Android's current state with Microsoft in the past, which ran on platforms such as DEC's Alpha, IBM's PowerPC, ARM, and MIPS "before settling predominantly on Intel's x86 architecture,"

(I guess Intel really hopes to be the dominant marchitecture for the Androids)

So they went in bed with Intel and thought Duopoly would last forever
but it didn't went that well because there is a new monopoly Arm + Android Linux and Windows doesn't have anything to do on it
yes they will try and fail again with Window8 , why fail ? because all the backward compatible features are lost that means all the windows software (written for 32 bit x86 ) it belongs to ... wine or linux emulators (something like qemu).
On Windows + ARM all your beloved spyware will not work.

"Microsoft's move to put Windows on ARM processors will result in a fragmented set of four environments, none of which will run legacy PC Windows apps, said Intel executive"

That is the best way to shoot yourself in the foot Epic way

The lesson , keep your os and applications ported to multiple cpus don't lock yourself to only one vendor like Microsoft , A good example is how linux did it and like Debian is doing with it's ports

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