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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Bloody Happy New Year

The last year , what i can say
One of my Childhood friends is Dead : Teodor Marian
I still don't know if he wanted to be a Priest like his father or if it was better for him to be a teacher
Before he Died (one week) i had this dream of playing around his House and i couldn't understand what is all about (I felt like someone from my family will Die).
I still can't find his Childhood face in my memory , Maybe is my Trauma that forbids access to it , I only rember his happy laugh and happy pieces of that period
The father of one of my coworkers is Dead
The New Year :
The Father of one of my coworkers is Dead
The Siamese Fish is Dead
The Sanitary Fish is Dead
All in All no matter how many walls you rise against the world there is something to shake the entire fundation
But now i feel better , life goes on and I know that there is something better than to dive into melancholy
I go back to ther roots , I love programming in Python , Pascal or any language
I still have one happy family at , i still have my Love and my future wife
I still have my Family near me even if they are so far away
Ohh Yes and still have the Exams this Month :)
There is always something (level of stress or excitement) that keeps you alive and kicking

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