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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why Zope fails and Django is better

I quote a thread from reddit and if you still use zope/plone you fail , there is nothing pythonic in the zope
I did a beginner mistake once to think that zope is somehow python and i could handle all the complexity and zope core ugliness but now I know the complexity monsters can't be tamed (include there XML , JAVA2EE, zope ... )

As a Python programmer, hardly anything you knew was useful when trying to do stuff in Zope. It was its own universe, with its own physical laws. You could do some simple things via the web interfaces, but as soon as you want to do stuff in Zope's odd variant of Python, you had to start from scratch.
And as a result, we lost a whole generation of Python web programmers.
In that respect, Django is more of an anti-Zope -- it's plain old Python pretty much all the time, you don't have to unlearn or relearn anything, and it has done more to get new programmers to pick up Python than any single Python library or application ever released before it. Heck, the Django mailing lists are almost as crowded as the Python mailing lists these days.

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