Tuesday, December 15, 2020

django-firebird driver status

Firebird django-firebird driver status for Firebird Advent 2020 


django-firebird pre released 2.2a1 version with support for Firebird 3 and Django 2.2.x LTS (That will be supported until 2022 according to the roadmap

Thanks to this pull request #111.

The stable version corresponds with django 2.2 and live into stable/2.2.x branch. The current master branch of this repository is being developed under django 3.0.x.

fbd is the legacy official driver with support for python 2.x and python 3.x , 
We need to switch to new python3/firebird3.x only driver in the future firebird-driver

So the recommended way today is Django 2.2.x and fdb driver (for Firebird 3.x)

Alternate experimental driver : djfirebirdsql

DJFirebirdSQL is a Django firebird database backend using pure python driver pyfirebirdsql (Work in progress)


Requirements: Django 3.1 and Firebird 4.0 beta1 (Firebird 3.0 minimum version required)

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