Tuesday, December 08, 2020

FirebirdWebAdmin status for Firebird Advent 2020

FirebirdWebAdmin status for Firebird Advent 2020 


This year we have seen one release with a few features and small changes in master branch 

Version 3.4.1 (27.02.2020) Changes : 
  • [enhancement:] Adjust "Accessories" page UI.
  • [enhancement:] Remove Crowdin badge from footer.
  • [enhancement:] Update debug_funcs.inc.php
  • [bugfix:] Don't warn if "isql" is "isql-fb" on Linux
  • [typo:] Correct typo: firebirid -> firebird
  • [bugfix] fix sql create database
  • [enhancement:] Add Character Sets
  • [enhancement:] Quiet PHP7.2 deprecation warning …
  • [enhancement:] Further create_function refactor
  • [enhancement:] Remove unused/outdated markableFbwaTable.
  • [enhancement:] cosmetics

Further informations 
See CHANGELOG.md to get the full changelog.

One option to install 3.4.1 is now using a docker image that will pull the requirements (apache/php)


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