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Sunday, February 27, 2005

"the guys from Java Magazine are interested in your article about
using FB with Jaybird.

When you have it finished, send it to me and I
will forward it to them to be translated and published. Probably you
will get a copy of the magazine with your article published ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2004, 12:02:02 PM, voce escreveu:

mp> Carlos H. Cantu wrote:

>>>> mp> Hello
>>>> mp> i would like to write an article about jaybird , it based on a few steps
>>>> mp> 1. installing configuring firebird / jaybird (linux ?)
>>>> mp> 2. general intro to fb trasactions / jdbc
>>>> mp> 3. writing an small db browser (just the basic)
>>>> mp> - db table list in the left
>>>> mp> - table content / (query editor) in the right
>>>> mp> is a good ideea ?
>>>> Hi Marius!
>>>> This is a great idea, but not for SQL Magazine. I think it would be
>>>> much better to have it published in Java Magazine
>>>> ( JM really lacks FB articles! The
>>>> owners of SQL Mag are the same people of Java Magazine.
>>>> I will talk with them and see if the topics you have listed here are
>>>> insteresting for them. I will let you know.

mp> Ok then , also gonna look on sqlmagazine article to see what
mp> is the target readers."

That was writen in 2004 by
Carlos H. Cantu

ps : i always dreamed going to Brasil :)
who knows one day ....
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