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Monday, February 07, 2005

How to compile java programs with SableVM

Q: How to compile java programs with SableVM?

A0: SableVM is a Java Virtual machine, not a compiler...

A1: Under Debian there's a "jikes-sablevm" equivalent of "javac"

command, so you can simply do: $ jikes-sablevm

to get your HelloWorld.class file.

A2: In absence of "jikes-sablevm" one should do:

$ export BOOTCLASSPATH=/path/to/sablevm's/libclasspath.jar

and then use jikes directly:

$ jikes

A3: IIRC the latest sablevm-svn gentoo packages include JAVA_HOME-like

directory, in /usr/lib/sablevm, so once this package is installed

you can use programs in /usr/lib/sablevm/bin just as in Sun's JDK.

Q: How do I run java programs with SableVM?

A1: The simplest way is to use 'java-sablevm' command which is

parameter-compatible with Sun's 'java' command.

A2: In our SableVM's JAVA_HOME (once you have installed a SableVM

version/package that provides it) you have 'bin/java' command you can

use as in Sun's JDK.

I wish I could give you some URLs, but ATM my inet connection breaks

every few seconds and I'll be lucky if I manage to simply send this

email. I hope others can provide more details and/or corrections.

Hope this helps,

Grzegorz B. Prokopski

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