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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

When Our darkest fears attacks us

I have a fear for holes in the earth like the graves
In my childhood i played with some kids in a ground hole made for a house
and for fun they had the idee of let me there without stairs.
I panicked and had great fear that something terrible will happen.
They let me cry there inside the "grave" it was not a good feeling at all.
Another fear is fear of death but i will talk about it later.
One strange fear is loosing someone you love , you think you can do anything to not happen but sometimes it does.
And when you have that fear somtimes you might try act to avoid situations that put your love in danger but in the end fear is the worst enemy and makes thinking weak and reactions not rational: that is why  panic attack and jealousy exists, and the feeling is the same : a great pain in the chest
hard rate of heart and blood pressure and feeling that you explode and can't breath
It can kill the rational self or the love we carry.

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