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Monday, February 01, 2010

There are good deaths ?

My sister just announced me that Maria (A lui Petrica) died
she was one of the neighbors from grandmother's house.
Sometimes not the people who expect they die but the ones unexpected,
she was stranded in the house for more that 10 years and only vitamins and meds kept her alive,
I always expected to die first from the list neighbors or when my father told me that someone around died
and yes i did my little prayers so he should be lifted from this misery life but seems that my grand mother was first
that stepped on the other side.
Who knows what sins she had or what are she's rewards after this life for so much pain.and linger.
God rest her in peace i will always miss her strawberry pancakes and cookies. She was the grandmother of my best friend (Daniel) from the childhood. I should call him.

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