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Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 2 on Debian - Revenge of the Squeeze on eeePC 1005p

in day two i have installed debian with usb image on eeepc
first i tried to use the lxde eeepc image but the kernel was a little bit older and it
wasn't recognized so i found that the best way is to install squeeze on it
and wireless works without issues and without the ndiswrapper! like is on ubuntu but i don't use encryption at home, only the trackpad does't quite respond to double click but i will find a solution to that
also the installer asked me the ESSID for the network while installing it over the wireless network it didn't detected the networks from around
Here is the obligatory screen shot and of course i will be evil and upgrade to sid . It doesn't look to bad isn't it ? and gnome is not so butchered by ubuntu people , yes it does come with epihphany browser and iceweasel
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