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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Debian LXDE and faster systems - Yes i'm switching all my desktops to Debian x64 - Sorry Ubuntu your marketing failed

For simpler systems there is a special CD with LXDE as desktop environment, download the one for your system architecture for me is x86-64 on All systems (I wonder why the frack ubuntu gives you 32 bit version by default when you download the iso , 32 bit is legacy and 64 bit should be considered mainstream and for server is stupid to have 32 bit version)
Before the installation starts choose lxde instead of xfce from the install menu
ps:xfce/lxde on debian it's a little bit faster than what it's inside xubuntu 
my reasons are that i want to become a debian developer to help the firebird packages and fixing bugs there this is why i need to use debian unstable/experimental 
also i'm contemplating arch linux and haiku when i will have enough time 

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