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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lxdebian is not for average people - Day one of pain

first nvidia proprietary drivers must be installed manually and then
if you get some errors with the debian way (i have tried to compile / use the nvidia driver that comes in testing) then the alternative is to upgrade to unstable "which contains the current drivers series" so you better replace in apt/sources.list the testing/squeeze word with unstable or sid like this

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

you can read more instructions on nvidia/debian wiki page.

Also i had some errors about the GTK+ icon set in squeeze and lxde setup but i hope they will disappear after squeeze -> sid upgrade

ps:what is wrong in debian by default?

1.exim by default
2.portmap, rpc.statd are started by default they should be removed by default
3.openoffice by default in lxde install image
that is huge i think some packages and themes from lubuntu should be added by default
like gnumeric, chromium ,abiword , pidgin but please avoid the bloatware like openoracleoffice
4.why i'm not in the list of sudoers by default? , also i don't need to know my root password if i create a admin type of user anyway

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