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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brancusi v. United States : how the Bird in space became Kitchen Utensils and other Phallic objects

It's funny when the state decides what is art and what is Kitchen Utensil

But the humor doesn't stop there Princess X is priceless :
"In 1920 he developed a notorious reputation with the entry of "Princess X" in the Salon. The phallic shape of the piece scandalized the Salon, and despite Brâncuşi's explanation that it was an anonymous portrait, removed it from the exhibition. "Princess X" was revealed to be Princess Marie Bonaparte, direct descendant of the younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. Brâncuşi represented or caricatured her life as a large gleaming bronze phallus. This phallus symbolizes the model's obsession with the penis and her lifelong quest to achieve vaginal orgasm, with the help of Sigmund Freud"

And when you think that Communists wanted to destroy "The Endless Column" with the help of Tractors , Thank good they couldn't take it down (I guess it was too well stuck in earth crust).. Again Fate or God's Humor

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