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Friday, February 11, 2011

It’s impossible to overstate how completely fucked Nokia is , this is the day when we say RIP nokia

Here is the Suicide bomb and note left on the desk

Linux developers will go Android or Debian/Ubuntu route and maybe Intel will sustain mee[nokia]go[home]
anyway Nokia was a joke when they promised Linux devices , What the hack Chinese Dragons gives us  the sexy Android phones and tablets , what the hack was so hard to boot/install android on nokia's phones when they DO have the hardware
It's one thing when you don't have control over the HW part but it's another thing when you do own the full fab to build the phones.
They become lazy and delayed the meego  in fact they didn't quite wanted linux on their phones only the crappy Symbian , in way it pushed and pushed QT on Symbian a lot 

It’s impossible to overstate how completely fucked Nokia is when it comes to apps. Silverlight for native, IE7 for web. Hurray hu-bloody-rray. Will Symbian developers flock to Silverlight? I beg leave to doubt it. As to web developers and IE7, well, that doesn’t need any comment.

And more on quirks mode blog 

For web developers this is double bad news. Windows Phone 7 has the worst default browser of all modern smartphone OSs: IE7 

My next phone will be one based on Android for sure like what Nicu have said : Bye Bye Nokia  
Also you can review the list of Microsoft's strategic mobile partners and their fate
ps: Linux is not so hard to be on the low end phones and replacing the aging Symbian hack there is a open platform 
called openmoko and is real stuff the only thing nokia should have done these Years is to copy paste the build/compile instructions and ship the phones to customers and the best part of it is powered by QT!

But no Nokia jumped from one Toast OS to another Toast OS

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