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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Debian Release Party for Squeeze in Targu Mures

There are many parties this year and i admit i have never seen such a frenzy
from the Ubuntu releases (You know the first ones , the community releases not the corporate ones)
You can feel the vibe , also i see a lot of work is done in the Romanian translation area (check the documentation for squeeze and please contribute back , in any language you know)
Please come and share the joy of Debian and any Linux you , it's Ok to
bring your androids , leave your bad apples at home :) just kidding that RMS would say
bring it and maybe we will help you install debian/ubuntu/mandriva/fedora in (coh coh cohracle) virtual box

If you are in Targu Mures or nearby please contact our LUG
or be present at the event on the 5th

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