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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Webkit based WebBrowser written in #Mono (C#) + #Firebird Step 2

I have used the funny browser as base for my project

In short i have added in this step main menu (just for example , today browsers don't use a main menu anymore look at google chrome)

For adding the menu items i have found this tutorial
Also the code is hosted in github at this address

ps: it's not a good idea to jump to mono 2.10 yet from debian experimental
I had to remove and reinstall mono 2.6.x and perl just to make it work again

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coco said...

Hi mariuz I've a little doubt, is possible comunicate js to .Net code similar to XulRunner w GeckoFX , I've used XulRunner and this works really good but I wish give a try to webkit, now...I can't find almost any documentation and his hard know how do the possible communicate both languages and you can give me some link or example...thanks so much scampy, have a good day...