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Thursday, June 24, 2004

today funny application from linux floppymeter
Just added floppy to my borkstation

man floppymeter
floppymeter - measure raw capacity and exact rotation speed of floppy

and some benchmarks :)

Warning: all data contained on the floppy disk will be lost. Continue?

- rotations since start of test = 1000
- average time per rotation since start of test = 200062
- sliding average of the last 10 rotations 200197
- missed rotations 2

capacity=200153 half bits (should be 200000 half bits)
time_per_rotation=200062 microseconds (should be 200000)
data transfer rate=500227 bits per second (should be 500000)

deviation on capacity: +765 ppm
deviation on time_per_rotation: +310 ppm
deviation on data transfer rate: +454 ppm

Insert the following line to your /etc/driveprm file:
drive0: deviation=765

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