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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

forbidden love - yah some people can love and it's not my case ,
Yes i could but have to stay in my gray cubicle , no sunshine only clouds here .
Rainy days are here forever, envy the lovers who pass near me , so much hate them. They are Lucky one , growing into *one*

i'm not allowed to love - is like a sin - you know is there but you can't touch it. Today my heart stopped for a moment when have read about someone love , don't know
for a moment the impossible dream looked real - Wake up ! It's not my dream , the ceremony has begun , If this would be our last day what would you do ? Would i look in the sun all day - blind we are - can't see the sun . Just shadows passing trough
Only friendship remains in my case , no one listen to my cryings
On the other side : happy i'm we got friends , pain is going away like the cloudy weather and Sun is smiling again :)

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