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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Open source application of the week
DireqCafe 3.0 By A.J. Venter is located on interweb right here , It works only on Linux , not too usefull for an i-caffe with windozzze :)
The search for best open source I-caffee aplication continue ...

Loook out at credits in the manual :P


The Lazarus developers for making Delphi work on Linux better than Borland could, and the Lazarus mailing-list members for always happily answering my (often stupid) questions.

DireqLearn, my employers for giving me the opportunity to create Free, Open Source software for a living. The only thing nicer than altruism, is profitable altruism :)

My cat, Vyf, for (forcefully) ensuring I take the occasional break.

Hahah the cat !! :P
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