Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Firebird community letter to Monty :we don’t have such worries!

Here is why we sleep so well in the night : because we don't touch the mysql and we don't need it

I know that Monty is part of new codeplex fundation
so his masters might be related to Microsoft:
New masters new dogfood

Another issue is Maria Fork is a dead end and i see around that nobody is using in the Lamp world
so he needs the Mysql brand back for free , That is smart because the community build it that name in Years and is very hard now to change them from Lamp to Maria (unknown one)

This post is related to Steve's post on computerworld


Unknown said...

There is a saying: "do not gloat".
I dislike MySQL as a database however, it's still FOSS application that we need in order to have people to work with FOSS. If we'll lose that, then we'll lose FOSS.

Popa Adrian Marius said...

mysql wasn't true open source from the start
and is not developed in the open like postgresql or firebird

you can see mysql like a scamware and full of bugs

Unknown said...

it sucks big time. It has a lot of bugs by design, it's not ABI and API compatible for each version, and it has dual license of GPL vs commercial.

Yet it's one of the most ever used FOSS database.

If the project will die because of Oracle, it will infect the entire approach regarding FOSS. "If MySQL dies, then it truly means that FOSS software does not have a true support", is only one of the things you will hear, and then try to make them understand that it's like any other software and hardware service.

Moreover, who guarantee that tomorrow Firebird or PostreSQL will not fall due to lack of developers ?

I hope you understand my point.