Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Html2DocBook #python and Firebird in 2 Minutes #html document

I try to convert it (this html document ) to docbook format and

I have installed the html2docbook tool

from python console
from html2docbook import Html2DocBook
h2d = Html2DocBook()
f = open('./fb2min.html', 'r')

that is the only tag that is spitted out!
if i do print(x) i get all the content for html
_debug=True doesn't work no details or verbose mode

ps: i saw that some things are old on that page i was thinking that is
better to be kept in docbook format and versioned (cvs/git ...)
also i have tried to do some tidy html on it
for the moment we will stick to html format it's easier and anyone can edit it
maybe i will add it to git (docbook is harder to crack)

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