Saturday, December 26, 2009

Movies to watch ~ Xmass, Porcelain death as santa claus

I love the ones with horror inside so i guess the best movie i saw on Xmass ever
is The Nightmare Before Christmas , next is Bad Santa , Last night i saw one movie where Death was Santa :HOGFATHER (on tvr2) quite impressive
and i didn't expected to see such a good movie on Xmass , maybe because all tv station are playing the same crap over and over each year : home alone 1-2-3 , santa klauss related ones and
the ones with Arnold ... and so on

I recommend instead some good horror movies made for Xmass or for Helloween

For a commedy i guess 2012 could fit the bill
I wonder why the hack didn't put all the people on Himalaya mountains and from where they got all that water 8km high ? do the calculations and you will see that
that volume of water is more than what is found on earth

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