Monday, December 28, 2009

Testing Firebird 2.5 on Debian experimental

Firebird 2.5 final is now uploaded to debian experimental

Here is my sources.list
cat /etc/apt/sources.list

deb unstable main
deb-src unstable main
deb experimental main
deb-src experimental main

# apt-get update -t experimental

Then install super-server
# apt-get install -t experimental firebird2.5-super

Or if you want the new superclassic

# apt-get install -t experimental firebird2.5-superclassic

Install examples and flamerobin
apt-get install -t experimental firebird2.5-examples flamerobin

cd /usr/share/doc/firebird2.5-examples/examples/empbuild/
sudo gunzip employee.fdb.gz
sudo chown firebird.firebird employee.fdb
sudo mv employee.fdb /var/lib/firebird/2.5/data/

you can connect to the database with flamerobin

update: you can build the firebird 2.5 package from git

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