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Monday, January 25, 2010

Andy's death part two

Andy died of cirrhosis and he entered in servraje because he didn't drinked for about two days , anyway he wanted to die because he was lonly and forgotten
This is what his son Anduta told to my sister.
After his death he gave her his last unfinished sculpture...
Maybe if he was treated 2 years ago he was alive today

And now comes the WTF part:
The orthdox ? priests , the most hated clique in Romania
he asked for 9 Millions (old LEI) for the ceremony (and this is for a poor man)
and yes just because he was burned in Bucharest they have asked more
you know only because it's shouldn't go like a dog on the road to Bucharest.
I hate them , Let them burn in Hell , I will not kiss their dirty hands.

Ahh and they asked to buy candles only from the church ~1 Mil

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Alex Stanciu said...

Ooo, nici nu mă porni cu preoţii.. C-am ce zice de la înmormântarea lui taică-miu. De atunci nu-i mai suport pe popi. Duck'em!