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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teddy Bear Without Heart Storyline

I want to write a song and do the 3d grapics for it (yes is 5 AM in the morning , sleepless and with ideas) and music with the help of lmms.
It's about a teddy bear that loses his heart
He has a kitty as friend and one day  teddy takes his heart and gives it to the little kitten
And kitty plays and plays around witth his heart.
And the kitty enters in a virtual world with his heart and the bear can't find them both
and becames some kind of zombie.

And he enters the virtual world and he searches his little kitten and speaks to various animals.

:- Have you seen my heart and little kitten ?

In the end he finds her and they will be very happy i guess , but is only a story

Here are the first versions of the verses

work will be under CC license
and i might reuse the world and animals from
the evil stays the evil , and the rest are good as they are for the moment
I 'm imagining that you will know who will steal the heart of the teddy from the kitten


Vlad Voicu said...

5pm sau 5am? Daca e pm nu e "in the morning".

mariuz said...

am gresit e am , ms :)