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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are we humans/ants or are we angels

Each day we do our chores and we forget to please our imagination
There are no borders or walls between us , just in our zombie heads
I saw a movie on SciFi where the rule of the society is to become
an amorphous mass off emotionless robots or in our case ants with
special skills with only the mind at the task and not at the full life picture.
If outside is beautiful one friend said that he is "forced" to stay inside
the building and instead of drinking beer he got to code in whatever he does.
If is beautiful sun stay in the sun , if life sux stay in the sun.
There is always the power to say yes or no when you can't do it anymore or
when there is something more important to do outside of the social networking prison.
Sometimes is better to change the rhythm and do the dance from inside out
it feels way better

All the town is sick these days with flu but all the town "works" for the flu
i wonder what would happen if all the people will just stop 1-2 weeks from working and they should stay at home without making ill other people i think it can be done
and maybe all will be more sane at work and not breathing like Darth Vader
Yes i'm sick for about 1 month and you know why each time i kill the flu beast
some good friends (hi roxa) or some good colleagues bring it back to me and to other people
around so the answer is to antisocial a few weeks
so a live in a sinusoidal alive->sick->alive with treatments like :fervex, vodka , beer , vervex
vitaminC , black tea , mint tea , again fervex , lemons , garlic ...

sweating like a pig in the night with fever , the solution is the mad sun
of spring and summer and i wait it like the life
now i understand why they were praying to him in Ancient Egypt
it brings life to us and death to the sick spirits

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