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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sqlphobia Fear of the SeQuel

my response to "Sqlphobia: The Irrational Fear of SQL"

Sometimes when i use various frameworks is better to express myself in sql than in the orm included by default in cakephp or django
I can give the simplest example in python+firebird
# Execute the SELECT statement:
cur.execute("select * from employee")
it's simple and clean and i can do infinite joins there.

And yes i can speed the things by writing stored procedures or triggers directly on the firebird sql server side
Maybe sql language/standard must be revised and made again sexy (these days is transformed in some sort of cobol/java) and that is a pity

and let not get me started by the dumb heads that push nosql just because they really don't know
sql or relational algebra and they say they are scalable when they are NOT

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