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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Parts from The Dream comes true Digital Effect : Korg AX1500G ToneWorks

Kork AX1500G is on the way , today i brought another cable (Jack to Jack) that is longer so i can jump around in the house
Is good because i can forget about the pc and play only with guitar ,
internet is tempting and is better to stay powered off.
My next part of the journey is a Vox amp
Not just for the fact that Placebo added it to their rig but i really want that sound
Maybe i will buy some cheap amp from vox


WarmBooter said...

Cool. I have a Digitech GNX2, and also a "portable" Korg Toneworks PX4 (does a great job for its size).
Amp is a Marshall Vasvestate VS100. Guitar is a Jackson and also an Epiphone Zakk Wylde model. As you see, all good equipment, only the player is not good :D

mariuz said...

wow you do have some gear
i'm not so good at guitar but like In the movie desperado el mariachi teaches the nino guitar chords

and it says to him to practice
there is no secret :)

joggingmania said...

I also have this gear. Nice to meet you.