Saturday, October 09, 2010

Borkstation x64 Upgrade for Xmass ? on My Wishlist santa , boss ... god

I don't want a quad core , now i have a dual core and is great but i want something more
so i guess a six core monster from amd would suffice and is quite cheap compared with intel i7 beasts

yes i compile c++/c/pascal a lot and transcode ogg and i need that kind of power
also i use linux-kvm(qemu)+virtualbox to run varios os-es : freebsd , windows , haikuos , ubuntu ,
also i needed for eclipse to develop android apps

For videocard my hope is a ati radeon 5750 that is quite good in opengl benchmarks and is cheap (or any ati 5000 series would do ) , I want to study and learn opengl and in the current version aka 4.x
and the amd/ati board is what i need also i want to play with opencl and firebird too and here is why opengl and onpecl won the api battle

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