Friday, October 29, 2010

Where #Firebird is better than #postgresql features included

I wanted to mention so will not forget when i will write a more extensive paper

1.Firebird required 0 Administration and is simpler to use than Postgresql
(think of sqlite like easy of use with oracle/postgresql like features)
I always hated the vacuum and complex installations for postgresql and yes
simplicity is a feature

See the postgresql features that they don't want (Scroll down to bottom)

2.Firebird does have Embedded mode and is fully multi threaded in 2.5

So yes i can build a single Firebird so/dll and put it on Android, Meego for example
and there is no need for a SuperServer , SuperClassic for it I just deploy it on the target device

3.And yes Firebird is fully multithreaded where Postgresql is NOT

so we are ahead in this area with at least 2 or more years

"All backends running as threads in a single process (not wanted)
This eliminates the process protection we get from the current setup. Thread creation is usually the same overhead as process creation on modern systems, so it seems unwise to use a pure threaded model, and MySQL and DB2 have demonstrated that threads introduce as many issues as they solve. Threading specific operations such as I/O, seq scans, and connection management has been discussed and will probably be implemented to enable specific performance features. Moving to a threaded engine would also require halting all other work on PostgreSQL for one to two years."

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