Saturday, October 16, 2010

Playing safe doesn't make you a good player #IBM #Java #Cobol

This is my state of mind , you know IBM played safe with joining Oracle in their quest of COBOLisation of Java , in fact they are the COBOL in Java
you know :xml , and all the crappy 7 layers of bloatware   you can throw at it
swing and other swt ....

You know maybe they just don't care about the mobile space after all ...
The retarded t-rex (mainframe) doesn't care about the small mamals like Androids

it's just stoned in stone like a an ancient relic of an ancient past with big letters engraved on it's grave
It's just doesn't care about the modern civilization and of course it doesn't care about the Star Trek

All it cares is about COBOL the big evolution's mistake
"That deal ultimately went south when Sun refused to consider any deal that IBM wouldn't promise to carry to completion, even in the face of regulatory roadblocks sure to come up. Many of us breathed a sigh of relief; if there's any Java company even more firmly stuck in the old world than Sun, it's IBM...and we weren't looking forward to dealing with that."

it' doesn't care about your opengl , games ... all it needs to rest in peace is COBOL and JAVA and the three fingers salute XML engraved on the black immortal business (evil) soul

And xml was invented to replace text files and just to suck at at

Some of the good things made by IBM corporation in the past ...

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